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​​774 Starkweather St, Plymouth, MI, United States              (734) 667-3650  


Q: So it's a $7 admission per person which covers the first 90 minutes, what's the cost after that?

A: The cost is $4/guest/hour.  It is broken down into $1.00 for each 15 minute interval.  Most guests stay a few hours for less than $15/each.  


Q: Do we need to make reservations?

A: Nope, the Lounge has three party rooms which hold up to 50 guests, and a large drop-in area which holds another 40 guests.  We are open for drop-in gaming every hour of regular business hours, unless otherwise stated on the CALENDAR, space permitting.  We ask to call ahead if you are bringing 10 or more guests for drop-in gaming.

Q: I see you have a nice Michigan Made Snack bar, but can we BYO food/drinks?

A: Yes, absolutely.  Often guests will bring in food/drinks or have food delivered while gaming.  Ask the staff for a few menus and maybe they'll give you a recommendation.  Note: When possible, if bringing outside beverages, please bring a cup with a lid to pour them into, this will reduce the risk of damaging the games.  Call with additional questions. 

Q: I'm planning a party for around 10 guests, should we drop-in or rent a party room?

A: You can do either, but if you answer YES to any of these, you should consider renting a Party Room.

  • Do I want all guests to be able to play in the same area together? 
  • Will I need extra space for Food/Drinks?
  • Will my guests prefer an private space without others staring? (some games make us silly)
  • Would it be helpful to have a dedicated staff member to recommend and teach games to the group?
  • Am I planning a Birthday Party, Field Trip, Scout Troop Outing, or Teambuilding?

Q: Is this a place for kids or adults; I'm confused?

A: Both, we see many kids and families in the early afternoon, and mostly adults in the evening. Although we rarely see the kids playing the adult games, we often see the adults playing the kids games. Go ahead, take a walk down memory lane!

Q: I have a stack of games in my closet, why would I pay to play them at 3&UP?

A: We understand that most guests have a personal collection of games that sometimes are a bit...underused.  Guests may play at 3&UP, although they have some games at home, for the same reason they own a treadmill and go to the gym/have a full pantry and go out to eat.  3&UP is a destination where the games enhance the communication experience.  If you haven't shared time with a friend in a while, see what it's actually like without the smartphone distractions.  

Q: What types of games do you have?

A: Our collection of 1,100+ games is broken into 9 categories and organized alphabetically within each.

  • Family
  • Children
  • Party
  • Cards
  • Strategy
  • War 
  • Thematic
  • Abstract Strategy

We also have an area for Staff Picks and New Arrivals.  Our staff is ready to pick the perfect games for your group! Play board games in Plymouth today!

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